Tube Doors, Twill Tops, other DIO options/accessories

Did anyone get Tube Doors, Twill Tops, or other accessories with their Bronco from the factory.

I got the Tube Doors, but I haven’t mounted them yet since I got my Bronco on Halloween. I also got the Sunrider Twill Top for my 2 door, and did throw that on for a few weeks (swapping out my factory roof rack by disassembling it).

Going into the spring, need to setup some sort of pulley system to lift off the roof rack so I can swap the tops back (and maybe next Winter I’ll live dangerously and leave the Twill Top on).

That Bronco’s gonna look awesome!

Seen a few other pulley systems. Seems like a great garage-hard-top option.

I didn’t get those options from factory (I wish I did), but I went the route of buying the GarageSmart smart lift. It was pricy but for someone lazy and didn’t want to engineer something from scratch it was a nice buy. There is a pouch the put the front two panels in, and the mid panel (I have 4door) flips on top of the clamshell. Easy to install, pairs easily to my phone and gets the top up and out of the way I can pull in right under it no problem…

I was looking at a Harken Hoister, something they use for canoes (since it will only be for the roof rack, I won’t be removing my rear clam-shell like ever).

I used a Harken for my Jeep top, the install was a little funky ( I had a super tall ceiling in my garage, but it worked great).

With the other forum going away, I’ll repost my Tube doors on the car.


I like tube doors, if I could keep my door last off for long periods of time, I think they would be awesome.

Its one of the main reasons I want a 3rd vehicle. So I can put on the tube doors in June and leave them on until September. I bought the cab cover so I can cover the car up in the garage too to keep it from getting super dusty inside.

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That’s my goal! Mine will be paid off this month. We are going to enjoy no payments for a bit and then hopefully make the Bronco the play car :blush: