Upcoming Events

Here are some of the events we have coming up:

Apr. 17th → 20th
Bronco Super Celebration Tennessee *
Point of Contact: @Alydubois
7906 E. Larnar Alexander Pkwy., Townsend, TN 37882
(kinda booked up, if not already engaged)

May 4th, 9-11am
Ford’s Garage @ Novi
Coffee and Cars: A chance to get together for some coffee and shoot the breeze with some other Bronco owners.

Jun 7th → 8th
Bronco The Mac
Point of Contact: @MattMIBronco
275 Marquette St., St. Ignace, MI 49781

Aug. 2nd
Bronco Takeover at Silver Lake
Point of Contact: @Alydubois
Silver Lakes Sand Dunes, MI

Aug. 17th
Bronco Corral @ Woodward Dream Cruise
Point of Contact: @JakeC
City Hall, Pleasant Ridge, MI

Sept 27th ==> 29th
Drummond Island
Point of Contact: @MattMIBronco
Trailhead, 32316 E Johnswood Rd., Drummond Island, MI 49726


If there are any additional events, updates, or corrections, just let me know. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the hard work Jake!

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May 4th is going on my calendar. I’ll be there.

Speaking of Cars and Coffee anyone ever go to M1? April 6th is Ford day.

Would love to do Bronco the Mac but as I said in that thread, think that’s Gambler 500 weekend (8th-9th). My Bronco is a support vehicle.

Unfortunately for Woodward I’ll be at Memorial Park (on 13 mile) with my Corvette. It’s like one of the few events I do all year with the Corvette. If I’m lucky I’ll be up right on the street again. I think I got there at 4 am last year (gates open at 7 am). I was 4th in line… (yes FOURTH). This year I think I’ll do 3:30 am

Yea, I’m nuts.

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We may do an event Dream Cruise week like last year. It was fun to pre-cruise and grab some ice cream :icecream:


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Sorry I am new to the forum. How do i sign up for the drummond island event at the end of september??

We will have registration starting in June. The report should already have rooms and cabins blocked for the Michigan Bronco Club.

One of these days I’m going to get my suspension upgraded and then I’ll join the group at Drummond Island!

We are planning to take at least one group of “stock” Broncos out in September. There are bypass routes on all the hard obstacles and we have had stock 4drs with steps and 32s make the route. You can definitely hang the the 2dr and stick suspension. You might scrape a bit, but that happens regardless of mode, just in different spots :blush: