Water exposure to module in soft-top

I’d been rolling for a few weeks without my soft-top back panels in. Rain or shine, I’d just wipe things down. I’d already removed the drain plug from the scissor jack compartment. Didn’t think much of it.

Until I got this error [repeatedly]:

Turns out the back isn’t as water resistant as I’d imaged. Royal Oak Ford was kind enough to code-confirm, and point out (to them) the obvious: keep water out of the back cargo area.

Issue did clear up on its own after a few days.

Might help someone else out.

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If you (or anyone) really ever needs a code confirm, I can just hook up my laptop so no one needs to spend the $100 or whatever they charge usually. Or if you have Ford Pass I can look it up in PTS with your VIN.


That’s good to know! I have an obd2 scanner I can use with my phone, but sometimes it would be nice to see the output and issues on a laptop.

Bummer on the water intrusion Jake :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thankfully they didn’t charge anything.

I have the whole forscan / laptop setup, but honestly didn’t think to hook it up.

Good idea.

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