Welcome to the new Michigan Bronco Club forum

Welcome to the new and improved MBC forums. I’ve imported the user-list from the old forums, but unfortunately new passwords have to be created / set. Apologies, but this is the most secure way.

Hopefully this space can be great place to have some great Bronco related content as we plan our next modification or outing!


Jake, really nice job on the new forum. It looks great! I was able to edit my old post, it’s very easy to navigate and the look and feel says Michigan Bronco Club!
Uploading: St Helens 1.22.jpg…


Thanks man! The software running this one (Discourse) is open source and has a decent community behind it.

Thanks for getting this set up.

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Liking the new forum layout. Easy to navigate. Great job.

Edited… original post on PC, editing on mobile app. Works great on both.

Looks like you moved the forums into the current decade ;). Good Job Jake


Of course! Sorry it took so darn long…

Howdy, I look forward to seeing yall at the Mac later this year


You mean the Mackinaw bridge crossing event? :slight_smile:

Yep, I live near it but haven’t wheeled any trails around here haha.

Ah… Gotcha.

Our curated list of Michigan trails / parks is here:

If you find any more, we’ll add to it.

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Will do, and thanks for the list!

Looks good, but I’m used to getting info via the Facebook group. Not sure how much I’ll remember to check this forum; will most stuff get posted both places?

Yes. Official events will always be listed on our main site, but this space should help broaden the conversation. :slight_smile:

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By “main site”, do you mean the FB group?

I’m so used to vBulliten. I’ll have to figure out a way to set this up to email me on the things I want email on!

No, I mean our actual website here:

But I will defer to @Alydubois for how she envisions things. :smiley:

OK. So I think I figured most of the settings out. There’s no “signature” function is there? Still trying to understand what the difference between Watched and Tracked is.

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Looks like there’s a plugin for that. Rebuilding, to add that, is disruptive. Will do that later tonight. So… soon. :slight_smile:

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