What 2 way radios are you using?

Just curious what type of 2 way radios is everyone using? CB, GMRS, Walkie Talkie?

GMRS is pretty much the standard. The club rides usually use channel 7 FRS/GMRS.

The reason I asked is that I went to an electronics store in Westland and the lady told me that they only sell CBs because nobody wants the GMRS radios. I told her I can’t believe anyone uses CBs anymore.

I have a nice old Cobra from my LJ, I would be fine using them, but it’s rare to see anyone but a trucker using one currently. For the club rides, it’s definitely GMRS.

You can see the write up on the forum here, I did some testing with various radios and antennas. Bottom line, higher antenna=better range and more consistent communication. I personally like a permanent mount mobile unit , because you don’t have to worry about batteries and you can use a good quality external antenna easily. That being said, anything with GMRS capability will be good for most situations you encounter. Boafeng and Btech make good “upgraded” handhelds for a few $ more you get external antenna options and some other features (dual channel monitoring and repeater capability) that can come in handy if you start to get more into it. I currently use- Midland MXT275 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio | Midland Radio and it works great with a JBG trail sight mount and Midland 6db gain antenna.

There is an MNO cable and mount you need as well, I’m sure it’s linked in the other write up.

I have a GMRS. Last time I was at the Mounds my buddy brought his, so I could keep the windows up and we didn’t have to shout at each other when he went to spot the truck over minor obstacles.

It makes trail rides much more enjoyable IMO! Worth the $ for sure.

You’re talking about Electronic Connection on Ford Rd. Did you happen to notice the age of most of the stock on the shelves? Probably the only place left in the US where you can components to support Betamax. God bless em and I’ll miss them when they’re gone but they haven’t upgraded in 30 years. I always go there when I need or want the obscure. I’ve been wondering if they had anything in their stock that could support antenna needs outside of ham and cb but I haven’t been holding my breath.

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I have Rugged Radio GMR2 handheld radios. They have worked for everything I’ve needed.
Not sure if it’s necessary, but I also got my GMRS license.

BTW, my personal choice was: Midland X-Talker Extreme Dual Pack T77VP5. You can find it on their website.
Mainly because I felt it had good value for a complete package. Also, because I like Midland products.

There are many less expensive options that would likely serve just as well.