Wiki - Program Your Own Spare Key Fob

If you’ve considered adding a backup key fob for your Bronco (not Bronco Sport), you might want to do so before you’ve lost or damaged one of the two original fobs.

While keyless fobs like these often require dealer programming that can be extremely expensive, Bronco allows you to program up to two additional key fobs on your own - so long as you have the first two key fobs present. If you only have one, a trip to the dealer is likely your only recourse.

The process is outlined in the owner’s manual:


All you’ll have to do is source a compatible fob, follow the above steps, and if desired, have the physical key blank cut by a locksmith. I’ve received quotes of about $25 for blade key cutting. I have one fob set as a “valet” fob - key blade is uncut, and the key itself is programmed with all MyKey functions activated.

While I concede sticking with OE parts is probably your best bet for a reliable backup fob, if you’re feeling frugal, I will concede I’ve successfully programmed an extremely inexpensive non-OEM fob…


This is a terrific suggestion! What makes it even cooler for me is that I have a key that was left over when my last vehicle was totalled. I had a Ranger. When it was totalled I ended up in my Bronco. The key fobs are identical so it should be easy to program. I may have to forego the physical key however.
A cheer for serendipity!

Caveat - I don’t know if this will work with keys previously programmed to another vehicle.
That may require dealer programming. I don’t know for certain.

If that other fob had never been programmed to your Ranger, then it most likely would.

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I did the procedure with my old Ranger key and it works terrific.

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Finally got around to ordering a replacement fob (ordered this one), but could not get this procedure to take.

Anyone know if this this one’s supposed to work? (Will try again if so…)

I would think if your original was also 315 mHz, it should, but there could be something tied to it being a different design of fob (not sure, not an EE, so…)

I will say that this method is E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y fickle. In fact, I was nearly ready to write off my AliExpress fobs as an experiment cost when they finally responded to this method.

I forget what I finally did to get things to work apart from extra practice, but I do remember being extremely accurate with timing helped. Also, I remember the workshop manual’s wording for this procedure being slightly different than the owner’s manual…might be helpful?


Thanks for the advice! Let me break out the stopwatch and these instructions for another go.