Event: 9/27 - Drummond Island 2024

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For those that are interested in attending the Michigan Bronco Club DI trip, we will be getting together Friday September 27 and Saturday the 28th. We plan to use the DI resort as home base. The resort has offered club pricing for the hotel and cabins. We also plan to do a group breakfast and dinner on Saturday. We hope this makes for a better social opportunity for everyone to mingle before the ride and share stories from the trail after. Kevin G will add a registration link soon. And as soon as we open up registration, we will post a link for the DI resort with our event code.

The initial plan is to have 4 groups of 10, broken down by experience and vehicle equipment. We will do a “beginner” group, so if you have been interested in joining, but your concerned about coming out for your first time, we will spend some time on the basics of rock crawling, trail etiquette, spotting and GOAT Modes. We can also do some discussion on the trail around recovery, line selection and navigation.

We will stop for trail lunch on Friday and Saturday. As usual, it will be family friendly, but it will probably be at least 8 hours on the trail Friday and Saturday. If history is a guide, there will be opportunities for night rides for those looking for even more adventure.

We will have our intrepid Guide, Matt Regalia and likely a selection of Jeep guides along with us on the trip.

Suzie DI 23 (1)

What do you need for the ride? Any full size Bronco is capable of making the trails. Most obstacles have bypasses and with spotters and some careful driving, we have had every model do the trip. I suggest if you have 32" tires and running boards, you remove the boards prior to the trip. It’s an easy process, but they do make hanging up on rocks much more likely. We also suggest you have basic skid plates. Finally, you need a FRS/GMRS radio. We did get club radios after Bronco the Mac, so we will have loaners (and we can even sell you one of the club radios if you prefer), but having your own radio and knowing how it works before the ride makes the days a lot more fun and easier for guides to keep everyone together.

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Can’t wait!! One of our favorite weekends of the year! Excited to have an even bigger group out this year!

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So excited!!! After Bronco the Mac, my hubs is like… Let’s Go…when is the next trip!!!

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I will be there again this year.


Link to the sign up form for this event.

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Remove my running boards… Man, I’m too lazy to do that (I still have my rock rails hanging on my garage wall). But, I might be interested in just coming up to hang out. Depends on my schedule at work around then. I always have good intentions and then I either get caught up in something else or I just forget.

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Here is the link for the DI Resort. They should have rooms blocked and specific pricing. We will work on the meals, based on feedback from the group, but we are thing breakfast and dinner Saturday (lunch on the trail).

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If you were to just come up and hang out that’s fine. Just do not sign up on the form if you do not intend to run the trails as space is limited. Hang out time would be in the morning before the rides or evening after as the days are pretty much filled with trail riding and stops for lunch on trail.

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And there will be room to ride along I’m sure. Always good to have extra hands to help.

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Yea if I go up I’d be attempting to find someone to ride along with.

Feel welcome to ride with me. I am usually doing a lot of stopping to come back and spot. Having another along would be great.

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Do we have the DI Code? Also how fast do these fill up? I’d like to see how much I blow in Florida over the 4th before I fully commit.

Should just be Michigan Bronco Ckub, probably have to call. I have no idea on availability, we haven’t brought a group near this big, but it’s between summer and rifle deer, so not peak. They do weddings and they didn’t have one the weekend we decided on.

Guize (Kevin G) sent out and email to everyone registered. We have about 20 spots left. Make sure you register if you plan to attend.

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Just signed up. Will we need to be there Thursday to catch one of the last ferries across to make it on time for Friday’s events or cross Friday morning? Also will we be taking a ferry off Saturday PM or stay until Sunday to cross? Just trying to see how many days we will need to book at DI Resort.

I would say it depends :blush: depending on the Friday roster, we will have two or more groups, we will probably start at 9AM and finish around dinner. Saturday we have options for up to 4 groups and we plan to start at 9/9:30 and run to 6pm. If we have enough interest, we are going to do a group breakfast and dinner Saturday at the resort. I am currently planning to arrive Thursday evening and leave Sunday AM. We usually pick up a little less than 50% Friday to Saturday. So I would expect 20-25 Friday and 30-40 Saturday. Does that help?

Yes that works for a rough schedule. Cheryl has to work Thursday so we will either leave when she get home around 8:00PM or leave early Friday around 3:00AM

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Well after my trip to Florida, and my spur of the moment idea to buy an exhaust for the Bronco, looks like I’m out for Drummond. I hope everyone has fun. Maybe I’ll get up there at some point (wish we had closer cool things to do here).

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Hello. I have signed up for both Friday and Saturday. There is a possibility that I may not make Friday though. Hope to know prior to outing. I have a question concerning permits. Are permits needed to go on the trails? If so, can they be obtained prior to going up to DI?

The only thing needed for Drummond Island trails are the two state trail stickers needed to drive on any state of Michigan off road trails.